Site C dam moving forward

With the BCUC’s report in hand we’re confident that the court will grant our injunction – West Moberly Chief Roland Wilson

With the BCUC’s report in hand we’re confident that the court will grant our injunction – West Moberly Chief Roland Wilson

Monday will be decision day for the controversial Site C dam.

The government said it had revised the budget for the project to $10.7-billion, up from $8.8-billion, and said the top deciding factors were the impact that cancelling the dam would have had on the province's finances and electricity rates.

Eliesen warned that Site C will be a long term "calamity" for British Columbians while Amnesty International slammed the B.C. government for violating basic human rights, saying that Site C violates United Nations guidelines for forced evictions and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that the NDP government had pledged to uphold.

"In the long-run, Site C's affordable energy is a huge competitive advantage for business in the province". An unredacted report to the BC Utilities Commission by Deloitte shows the estimated cost of the spillway contract to be $1.25 billion.

To that end, the B.C. NDP ramping up the $440-million "risk reserve" in case the project goes sideways - upping it by more than 60 per cent to $708 million.

Site C has been part of the province's hydroelectric generation plans since 1958.

The plan will also activate the $20-million agricultural compensation fund to offset lost sales and stimulate long-term productivity enhancements in Peace Valley agriculture.

"We will not ask British Columbians to take on $4 billion in debt with nothing in return for the people of this province", Horgan stated.

"This government promisted to be better than the B.C. Liberals", Weaver said. The costs of paying for the project are spread over 70 years.

Gray, who is an NDP member in Esquimalt-Metchosin, told On the Island host Gregor Craigie they made a decision to take a partisan approach to increase pressure on the government.

It's his nascent government's most hard and perhaps internally divisive decision since coming to power thanks to an agreement with Greens, who are staunchly against the dam.

"This is a question of priorities".

The previous B.C. Liberal government had exempted it for such a review of its economics, costs and energy predictions.

Premier Horgan added in the release that his government will also be pursuing an alternative energy strategy to put B.C. more firmly on the path to green, renewable power that helps the province exceed its climate goals. They had no problem adding billions into the public debt to cancel tols on the Port Mann and Golden Ears Bridges, transferring thos costs to people outside of the Lower Mainland to pick up votes in a couple of swing ridings.

The NDP, after forming governmetn in July, sent the project to the B.C. Utilities Commission for an expedited review, which concluded the project is already behind schedule and over budget. "We've done that and we've come to conclusion that proceeding is the best way forward".

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