Bigg Boss 11: Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal proposes to Hina Khan, watch

Bigg Boss 11 Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde get emotional as they meet their mothers

Bigg Boss 11: Boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal proposes to Hina Khan, watch

When he entered the house, Priyank's loyalty and love towards Vikas made the other contestants doubt if they were in a relationship.

Divya Agarwal, Priyank's girlfriend (or Ex) entered the house. With her popularity taking a nosedive, the TV actor finally had a reason to smile (and cry a whole lot more) when her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal came visiting on the hit reality TV show. Priyank was still in statue position and could not move since he wasn't allowed to. Shilpa said that she just gave a shocking look at Arsh's father after he addressed her as Hina Khan.

However, it was Arshi Khan's father who got the best advice for the lady.

Stay tuned for regular Bigg Boss updates! She complained to Priyank that he seems to be a completelydifferent person in the house. Divya was visibly upset with Priyank's behaviour on the show. While giving a back massage to Priyank, Hina tells Hiten Tejwani, "Dekh tel ke saath nahi karungi, camera pe ganda lagega". Shilpa said that Arshi's remarks are as disgusting as she is.

Over the past few weeks, Divya had been vocal about her thoughts on Priyank's behaviour on the show. Since Vikas supports Shilpa, Arshi repeatedly calls Vikas, "a thaali ka baingan" and he gets so pissed that he starts yelling at Arshi and tells her not to mess with him as he is very emotional.

Salman Khan always says, "do whatever you want to do man but don't trouble your mom". "I supported you to a great extent, fought so hard for you". She was possibly hinting at the "connection" that Priyank was building with ex-contestant Benafsha Soonawalla.

Before leaving, Divya adds that only Vikas Gupta is Priyank's friend in the house and that he should not trust anybody else. Hina later pacifies him saying that it is okay, everyone has their opinion. She also told him about her decision of parting ways with him. Before Bigg Boss 11, Hina would refrain from speaking about her private life and never admitted to her relationship in public. But not before announcing that things between him and Priyank were over. He mistakes Hina for Shilpa and tells her that she talks really fast. She then made a hasty exit, before Priyank could even speak a word to her. He tells Vikas that he is the real boss of the house, calls Akash Puneesh's real friend. He compliments Vilkas Gupta calling him the realm Boss of the house.

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