Dennis Wise under fire for 'humiliating' Iain Lee on I'm A Celebrity

I'm A Celebrity viewers reveal bizarre theory about Jamie Lomas

I'm A Celebrity viewers reveal bizarre theory about Jamie Lomas The snakes continued to slither around Jamie during the task

Dennis has become the sixth star to leave I'm A Celebrity 2017 - and fans may have finally got their wish following the claims of "bullying" against Iain Lee.

Lee then tried defending himself saying: "Ok but I also got 11 stars on one".

"And if you don't get any stars you go a whole day through to the next night, it's hardcore".

"I get it, you don't want me to do it, I withdraw my offer, does that mean I can do no Trials for the rest of the run then?"

"Well Iain, the problem is you've gone a couple of times and you've come back with nothing, so that causes me a slight issue", Wise stressed again. "Is that what you're saying, because that feels a little bit unfair".

"If he's playing a game, he might do just to [expletive] us off" said Amir.

"I'm going to go ape [expletive], I don't think he will though" said Dennis. "It would have been a tough one for you", he told Lee after returning to the camp.

Another added: "For the next bush tucker trial, Amir, Jamie and Dennis should have to sit and be nice to other people for 10 minutes". "It was nothing malicious or nasty, I just said what I thought".

"Really dislike Amir, Dennis and Jamie there all bullies poor Iain hasn't done anything wrong #imaceleb", said another.

And some viewers are now calling for the ex-footballer to be removed from the show after the row which left the TV and radio host "humiliated".

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