Breakdown of Friday snow - what you need to know

Breakdown of Friday snow - what you need to know

Breakdown of Friday snow - what you need to know

Along that front, an area of low pressure continues to develop in the northwestern Gulf, and extensive precipitation extended from Texas into portions of Louisiana, southern Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and the eastern Carolinas early Thursday. This includes places in Alabama like Thomasville, Grove Hill, Jackson, Millry and Butler. There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect until noon Friday.

Winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings have been issued for many parts of south and central MS through Friday afternoon. However, if we do see some light accumulations in a few areas, there could be a dusting of light snow mainly on grassy surfaces and elevated areas, again mainly in the western and northern Midlands.

As a general rule, snow is a rarity in Beaufort County, happening "maybe once a year" according to Lamb. The higher snow rates will most likely come sometime between 8 a.m. and noon; the precipitation tapers off tomorrow afternoon. Lows will fall to near freezing; but this should not result in travel impacts.

Huffman said some cold air is still moving in behind the cold front, causing temperatures to drop even lower Wednesday night. Watch out for that first thing Friday morning.

These stretches of black ice may persist for a time into Saturday morning, before temperatures warm above freezing.

REMEMBER: With nearly every winter weather event in Alabama, there is a surprise or two. After record highs of 85 yesterday, temps will be about 40 degrees colder this afternoon. 2/3 of our main weather computer models seem to think this is a possibility, while the third, and sometimes more reliable European model, is not quite convinced that the cold air makes it far enough south to support a snow profile.

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