QUEENSLAND ELECTION: Labor wins likely majority

Queensland election: Labor to form government as LNP concedes defeat

Queensland election: Annastacia Palaszczuk claims victory with at least 47 seats

The LNP's Tim Nicholls has not yet conceded defeat, meaning Labor is yet to claim an overall victory.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland is expected to formally declare winners in the final nine seats of the state's 93-seat parliament.

This time it will be a majority, albeit slim, something Ms Palaszczuk insisted throughout that campaign was the only result she would accept.

According to the ABC, Labor MP Scott Stewart has won the seat of Townsville, giving Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk enough numbers to form a majority.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt is expected to be on the chopping block, amid reports he could be moved into the Speaker's role.

Whilst the people of Clayfield re-elected Nicholls for a fifth term, he has declared he won't be seeking to lead the party again.

Mr Last has held the seat of Burdekin for the LNP since the 2015 Queensland election.

That could all change today as the official declaration of seats confirms it is impossible for him to govern, even with an assortment of Greens, Independent, and Katter MPs.

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