Facebook adds support for live streaming and video chats to Messenger games

Facebook Messenger Games List: Launching New Titles, Video Chat And Livestream Features

Celebrating One Year of Games on Messenger with New Features, New Games and More

Livestreaming, new games and other new features are coming to Facebook Messenger soon, Facebook announced today.

The platform is launching new games worldwide in 2018, including some popular titles, like Angry Birds. A new version of the physics game with unique features and modes created specifically for the chat app will launch in early 2018, followed by a few more titles like arcade-style adventure Sonic Jump by SEGA.

Facebook rolled out its Instant Games platform a year ago to developers so they could create gaming activities for Messenger and the platform's News Feed.

Facebook says that the live-streaming feature will go live from today, so get ready for that in your feed, while the Angry Birds and Sonic will arrive from next year.

Besides the live streaming feature, people will also be able to video chat while playing a game. To use live streaming, you just tap on the new camera icon at the top right of the screen while gaming, then add a short description to be shared alongside your post. To start the video users can press the "Start Live Video" button. The feature will work via Facebook Live, naturally, allowing players to broadcast Instant Games titles to their Facebook friends or the audience of a Facebook page.

Games are an authentic extension of the connection people feel in Messenger - a fun, interactive and powerful way to connect to people you chat with daily or friends and family who live far away. The games will be multi-player like Words With Friends from Zynga which will be the first game to launch.

There will also be the ability to video chat with your partner while you play a game with them, set to be introduced on Words With Friends early next year. Both games are built by CoolGames, an Instant Games platform developer. To the people who continue to enjoy, share, compete and challenge themselves and their friends to games on Messenger, thanks for playing and game on.

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