Why Are Natural Christmas Trees So Expensive This Year?

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Why Are Natural Christmas Trees So Expensive This Year?

If you want more of a U-Pick experience, Shelton's Tree Farm in Cashmere is normally the place to go around here but it's already reserved all the trees it planned to sell this year.

For real Christmas trees, Ivy said the overall shipping and purchasing process can leave trees a little dried out as it maybe two months from the time it's cut down, purchased and ultimately discarded after the holidays.

The Wall Street Journal notes that between 2002 and 2012, the total acreage dedicated to Christmas tree production declined by 30 percent.

He said the shortages have resulted in customers purchasing his stock of shorter trees, which could wipe out his potential supply of the bestselling 8-foot trees for 2018.

Anyway, I did throw out the idea that maybe I'd consider doing this, but we only get a real tree every year so how to water? Off to the Christmas tree lot we went.

The "traditional" look of live Christmas trees or artificial trees that are made to look like real trees is found in Fraser or balsam fir trees.

South Suburban Parks and Recreation and the City of Littleton will offer free Christmas tree recycling at two locations, December 26 through January 15, Willow Spring Service Center, 7100 S. Holly St.in Centennial, and Cornerstone Park, 5150 S. Windermere St., corner of Belleview and Windermere. Dry trees should be removed before they create a fire hazard. It takes up to 10 years to grow each tree and, during this time, the trees remove carbon dioxide and airborn pollutants from the atmosphere (up to 13 tons per acre!) and provide protective havens for a wide variety of birds and mammals.

This is the 13th year for Trees for Troops and they have achieved a milestone by reaching over 2 hundred thousand trees delivered. I do remember that glorious pine scent.

How many trees should you un-bale?

She figures many Citrus Countians are driving to her farm to get a tree due to the market. Sprinkling or misting the tree with water will also help retain freshness, but the tree should not be soaked.

So for a few years he and I, along with his brother Kyle if he was around, or his girlfriend Joi, and Terri would head up and get a tree for us, for him, for Joi, for Joi's family and whomever else needed or wanted one. I love that tree. It has flat disappeared. "And that's not really fluctuated that much", said Travis Birdsell with the North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension in Ashe County. Christmas tree sales started a downward turn, and so did tree prices. "They might not be to everyone's taste, but there has definitely been an increase in demand for them this Christmas". Which is important to some people I guess. Also, if you have a fake tree, make sure it's fire resistant by checking the label.

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