Lexus previews flagship SUV with Detroit-bound LF-1 Limitless concept

Lexus to preview new range-topping SUV with Detroit-bound concept

DETROIT MOTOR SHOW: Lexus gives glimpse of flagship LF-1 SUV

Lexus has confirmed a new crossover concept for the Detroit Motor Show in January.

Lexus appears ready to further cash in on the global love affair with all things SUV by publishing a few subtle images of a new "flagship" for its range of vehicles, which is a new crossover concept to be fully revealed at the Detroit auto show in January.

Information is in short supply at this stage but Lexus does reveal that the concept is the work of its CALTY design studio in Newport Beach, California, and that it's a "flagship model that seeks to redefine the boundaries of luxury".

We would expect the new Lexus LF-1 Limitless to be a low-slung, sporty luxury vehicle similar in many ways to the Land Rover Velar or Jaguar F-Pace.

Lexus is coy about the car's interior, but the blue screens visible in the image appear to be headrest-mounted rear-seat entertainment systems, suggesting that the auto will focus heavily on in-car technology and passenger comfort.

Currently, the LX is recognised as the range-topping model in Lexus' SUV line-up, followed by the GX, RX and NX. Meanwhile, the rear spoiler appears to integrate the high-mount brake light and a cutout for a glass roof panel into its split design.

The concept was designed by a California-based team of Lexus designers and is claimed to "redefine the boundaries of luxury", suggesting a considerably more high-end approach than the premium offerings now produced by the brand. Lexus' preferred petrol-electric hybrid powertrains would be favourites to form the mainstay of the engine range.

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