Cowboys tease white trousers, navy jerseys combo they'll wear vs. Giants

Week 14 Giants A Reminder Of Cowboys' Past But Who's Better Off? 2

Game Notes Week 14 Giants A Reminder Of Cowboys’ Past But Who’s Better Off

The Cowboys normally wear silver trousers with their navy blue tops.

When the Dallas Cowboys take the field against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium, the team will be wearing navy tops with white trousers. The Giants will wear their all-white Color Rush uniforms this weekend.

The Cowboys will wear blue jerseys with white trousers for the first time ever.

For more info, including the other unique aspect of the Giants' Color Rush uniform this weekend, check out the story on the Cowboys' 5 Points Blue site.

So the Cowboys are wearing their navy road jerseys.

This will be the first time this color combination has been used in franchise history.

He said the Cowboys had to first get approval from the league because it's considered a uniform change.

5PointsBlue, a site managed by "a group of women that work for the Dallas Cowboys who really love Cowboys football", the players will wear their blue jerseys with white trousers Sunday when the play the Giants.

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