Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino is here for the holidays

Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccinos Are Here — But Only For A Few Days

Starbucks is releasing a ' peppermint mocha creme' Christmas tree frappuccino

Sure, maybe in 2016. For Halloween, we met the Zombie Frappuccino, which included Green Caramel Apple Powder and was topped by pink "brains" whipped cream.

Like the majority of Starbucks' unique Frappuccinos, this one is limited edition and is available Thursday, Dec. 7 through Monday, Dec. 11. The whipped cream is then decorated with caramel drizzle for garland, candied cranberry ornaments and a strawberry as the tree topper. The coffee giant has announced that it's selling a "Christmas Tree Frappuccino" for only five days this month. It's even better than you'd imagine - let me show you. I want one so badly, ' wrote one excited fan. It was a fun looking holiday drink with a minty sweetness to it.

While there were a few skeptics who wrote that they didn't understand why anyone would "need" such a drink, most people who have taken to social media to comment on the drink are excited.

There's already two holiday cups at Starbucks and not a special drink to get you in the spirit.

Yup. It is quite literally a Christmas tree on top of a deliciously cool Frappuccino. Not only is it quite literally shaped and created to look like a Christmas tree, but it has a mix of flavors so curious and unprecedented in Starbucks drink lore that it's only natural that many people are wondering what the Starbucks Christmas Tree Frappuccino tastes like before taking the plunge.

Earlier this year, their Unicorn Frappuccino was a huge hit, and a Mermaid Frappuccino released only in Mexico drew envy from Americans and Europeans.

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