Nissan To Start Robot Taxi By 2020

Nissan & DeNA To Begin Public Self-Driving Taxi Service Testing In Japan In 2018

Nissan, DeNA schedule public tests of self-driving car service in Japan next year

Nissan Motor Company is expected to roll out its self-driving cars by 2o22.

The companies say they are aiming to combine the Nissan Intelligent Mobility vision through technological assets in autonomous driving, vehicle electrification and connected cars, with DeNA using its expertise in the internet and artificial intelligence to develope and operate driverless mobility services.

As technology continues to make public transport faster, more efficient, and more sustainable, auto manufacturers are looking for new ways to operate in the evolving mobility market, as Nissan becomes the latest to reveal an autonomous taxi service.

It's notable that, in Japan, the Nissan-DeNA partnership will be facing competition from the robotics firm ZMP - which has been working in recent times with a Tokyo taxi firm to create a self-driving taxi service that could possibly be launched in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. That's a trip many of us would like to take but only a select few can experience through Nissan's public field test of new robo-vehicle mobility service, Easy Ride.

Called Easy Ride, the vehicles will work alongside a mobile app that enables users to hail one of the cars as and when they need one.

Based on the objectives, customers can choose recommended local destinations and sightseeing routes. They also plan to support multiple languages and use a remote monitoring system to ensure passenger safety. Participants of the field test will be recruited from the Easy ride website from now until January 15, 2018.

Nissan has informed that during the test, driver will sit behind the steering wheel but the vehicle will be driven by the program developed.

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