Parents of suspected Tampa serial killer won't talk about son

Parents of suspected Tampa serial killer won't talk about son

Parents of suspected Tampa serial killer won't talk about son

State Attorney Andrew Warren held a press conference Wednesday answering questions after ABC Action News first reported that the parents of the suspected Seminole heights killer refused to answer questions about their son despite a court subpoena.

As far as the Donaldsons getting out of answering questions without outcome, Tampa defense attorney Anthony Rickman says since they're protected by immunity from the state, that may not be possible. "In their distressed state, theyre asked to testify against their son".

Fernandez says it is unreasonable to expect parents to be able to testify against their son.

It comes after prosecutors said the couple refused to cooperate with the investigation into their son's past.

In the meeting with the state attorney he said prosecutors assured the victim's families they'd seek the toughest penalty possible.

"If you are a parent asked to testify against your child, what would you do?" "Prosecutors in general, they tend to avoid having family members testify for or against family members in situations like this". "So, anything they say can't be used against them", Warren said.

The Donaldsons case is expected to be heard at 10 a.m. Thursday.

If they continue to refuse to answer questions, they could face jail time. That religious privilege or saying it's against my religion is not a recognized privilege as it stands today.

The coworker then notified a Tampa Police officer, leading to Donaldson's arrest.

Fernandez says the judge has other options, although he wouldn't elaborate what they were.

Warren said he understands Donaldson's parents might be willing to go to jail to avoid providing testimony, but "I don't think it's going to come to that and we're not at that point yet".

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