Sheetz installs new lighting to deter opioid use

Westmoreland County Sheetz store tests blue lights to deter heroin users from shooting up in its restrooms

Westmoreland Co. Sheetz Installs Blue Lighting System In Hopes Of Deterring Drug Use

The new light system was installed in the restrooms of the Freeport Street location in New Kensington, Pennsylvania approximately three months ago, according to a Sheetz spokesperson.

A gas station in Pennsylvania has installed blue lights in its bathrooms to try to deter drug use.

Sheetz says it's working with local police on the initiative.

"One of our highest priorities at Sheetz is creating a safe and secure environment for our customers and employees".

Tim Phillips, executive director of Westmoreland County's Drug Overdose Task Force, told Triblive that what Sheetz is doing is "commendable", but he doesn't think the blue light system is going to stop people from using drugs.

The blue lights, officials said, can make it hard for IV drug users to see their veins prior to injecting a needle.

'They'll do drugs everyplace, ' Jan Mills Snr, an elderly customer, told WJAC.

In the past year, 179 people in the county which encompasses the town have died from drug use. "I can understand Sheetz not wanting it to occur and if that drives them away, fine, but I don't think it's going to do it". The county had a record 144 confirmed overdose deaths since December 1, with 179 deaths tracing back to November.

They were taught how to administer the life-saving drug naxolone which reverses the effects of opioids.

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