'Select' Boston Lyft passengers to get rides in self-driving cars today

NuTonomy car in Boston

NuTonomy car in Boston

Lyft announced its partnership with nuTonomy in June this year, indicating that the pilots would begin in the coming months.

Today, we're pleased to announce that passengers in Boston's Seaport district were able to experience self-driving rides on the Lyft network in nuTonomy vehicles. It will give some select consumers access to the sort of future-is-here experience of getting in a self-driving auto for two companies that seem to be relatively unknown in a market populated by Waymo and Uber, which are both looking to create a massive network of self-driving cars.

According to nuTonomy, their primary objective is to give the public a real experience of what it's like to ride in a driverless vehicle, thereby letting users appreciate the effect this new technology has in their daily life. It's also testing autonomous taxis in Singapore. While it's limited to a select part of Boston, getting those tests up and running is critical to get enough data to broaden the program.

The launches are part of a competitive race to a ride-sharing future, with established automakers such as Ford and BMW and ride-sharing groups Uber and Lyft in the mix.

A startup created by former engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, nuTonomy deployed a small number of vehicles for the world's first self-driving taxis previous year in Singapore.

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