Cold front bringing the coldest air of the season... so far

Cold with chances for snow

Cold with chances for snow

Either way, it looks like colder air will be sticking around for a while with this upcoming pattern change.

If we do get any precipitation Friday night it will likely end Saturday morning as the storm begins to lift away from New England and takes aim at the Canadian Maritimes. Lows will be in the 20s, highs in the 30s and 40s. A thin layer of frost is likely to be on your windshield this morning. However when it's as cold as it's going to be today any wind at all will produce a wind chill.

Temperatures will fall into the upper teens and 20s tomorrow night under a clear to partly cloudy sky. Most places will hold in the 30s all day. Sunshine mixes with clouds during the afternoon. Overnight lows in the week ahead will mainly be in the 30s. The forecast says highs Thursday and Saturday should stay in the 30s. With what we've seen over the last couple of days in the models and what we're now looking at... it's more of a miss than anything else. Winds will calm by late afternoon. Temperatures will drop slowly through the 40s.

The next system is much stronger and knocks temperatures down and brings a few flakes for the overnight into Sunday. Cold air holds through the coming 10 days and if anything, we see a slight uptick in our snow chances.

Temperatures will stay cold through the weekend. Right now will keep it out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour but if they become calm and with clear skies, temperatures may drop to as cold as the low-mid teens.

The cold is here to stay for a bit.

This weekend brings highs in the mid 40s on Saturday but warming in the mid-upper 50s on Sunday. While Monday looks dry, it looks like we could have another snowy scenario on our hands by the middle of the week. Thus, there is the potential for a significant snowstorm Tuesday night and Wednesday, but it is still way too early to know for sure.

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