50 new Pokemon added to Pokemon Go in a major update

You can find out more details about the latest version of Pokemon Go over at the game's website at the link below. In response to these concerns, Niantic has revealed that Pokemon trading is still in the cards, but there is still no timetable for when it will be added to the game. The kind of weather user experiences will also affect which Pokemon are likely to be discovered. Since then, the popularity of the game has ebbed considerably but, with some new updates that they're about to roll out, the app's producers are hoping to rekindle some of the fire they helped to build in 2016.

Additionally, Niantic confirmed it has added dynamic weather to the game; local conditions around you will cause similar weather in-game. That said, there are six different weather types available clear, rain, cloudy, fog, snow, and windy. If it is raining, water-type creatures will be more visible. But from now on, Pokemon GO players will need to get a little more hardcore if they want to catch 'em all.

The new additions are all from the Hoenn region and first introduced in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, which were also the first games where weather had an impact on the gameplay. According to reports, the Gen 3 Pokemon will be out in batches, according to their themes.

This move is to avoid letting "Pokemon GO" players catch them all at once.

As for what's coming next, Bhargava stated that Niantic uses December as a planning month for the next year in order to start "spec-ing out" new features and planning how to market them.

It can't be a coincidence that Niantic is choosing to add dynamic weather to Pokemon GO at the same time that they are adding Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire.

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