Google kills Chrome Apps by shutting down the Chrome Web Store section

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Google kills Chrome Apps by shutting down the Chrome Web Store section

After announcing it previous year, Google has finally removed the apps section from its Chrome Web store on Mac, Windows and Linux Platforms.

Now Google announced that users can no longer have access to the Web Store and cannot install the apps through the Chrome Web Store. According to the company's blog post, it was the initial step in the process to shut down the Chrome Apps section as nobody wants to download apps through their browsers [Chrome] anymore.

At the time, Google announced that Chrome Apps are used by only 1% of Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Google's replacement for Chrome apps will come in the form of what it refers to as PWAs or progressive web apps. Hosted apps were basically glorified bookmarks, which makes little sense on a real desktop OS but gave Chrome OS users a way to pin important webpages to certain parts of the UI. In a message Google recently sent to developers (via Android Police), Google said that it was now working to bring Progressive Web Apps to desktop and that it was targetting a launch date of mid-2018.

"We also recognize that Desktop PWAs will not replace all Chrome App capabilities", Google told developers (via ArsTechnica).

Google on Wednesday made good on its promise to rid of Chrome Apps.

Support for Progessive Web Apps is becoming more available, with Microsoft building support for PWAs into Windows 10, and Apple is similarly building support for PWAs into Safari.

For Chromebook users, or ChromeOS users chrome apps will continue to work there and you will get regular updates from the app developers.

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