First look at Her Story creator's WarGames reimagining

War Games trailer screenshot

Watch: First Look at 'War Games' Reboot

Although there are no details on how the "interactive" elements of the series will work, viewers will guide the actions of one of the hackers, Kelly.

In 1983 the film WarGames was released and is starred Matthew Broderick as David Lightman where he unwittingly played a war simulation against a supercomputer which nearly led to nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Interactive media group Eko revealed the first teaser for the upcoming interactive series that reimagines the 1983 Matthew Broderick film in modern times.

"Launching in early 2018 and created by Sam Barlow ("Her Story"), "#WarGames" puts viewers in the middle of a thrilling tale of modern espionage, hacking and government conspiracy.

The series is only loosely based on the original movie and seems to have much more in common with Mr. Robot.

British video game writer/designer Sam Barlow (Her Story, Silent Hill: Origins) is the creator on the project, which is in collaboration with MGM. However, it's not yet clear how viewers will interact with #WarGames.

You'll have a bunch of windows on your screen. The series will be available to watch on the Eko website, the Eko presents mobile app, and on "a range of partner platforms" that has yet to be announced.

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