Nigerians returned from Libya

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson at the Conservative Party Conference on 3 October 2017

15000 African migrants in Libya will be evacuated before year end – AU

African heads of state have condemned the treatment of undocumented migrants in Libya, including widespread violence and apparent slave trading.

Last week, a total of 140 Nigerians were deported.

African and European leaders have agreed to airlift 3800 migrants trapped in the chaotic African country of Libya, a senior Foreign Affairs official said.

"Thank God, thank God, thank God", said one young man as he stood in an orderly line at the airport to be registered first by immigration officers and then by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

The story is now rife how many Nigerians lost their lives in the bid to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, but those who arrived yesterday hid their faces, especially the women, as the mothers among them held strong to their babies, seemingly glad they came back safely.

Their repatriation began almost a year ago but numbers have increased recently, with almost 1,300 brought home in November, according to NEMA.

The Federal Government has said that it has a record of 2,778 Nigerian migrants registered in "accessible" detention camps in Libya, ready for repatriation.

The visits, made in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration, aim to identify detained Nigerians and issue them with emergency travel documents, he said on Monday.

"The Embassy, in collaboration with the IOM repatriates 250 Nigerian migrants by flight to Lagos weekly - each flight can accommodate only 250 passengers".

"Deputy prime minister, Ahmad M'etig, stressed the need for a specialized worldwide center in Libya and North Africa to deal with illegal immigration, given its significance in dealing with this phenomenon, from which Libya is suffering", the communication and media office of the deputy prime minister said in a statement.

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