Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Release Date Announced, And It's Soon

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hits the Great Outdoors on Mobile

When is Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp out on mobile?

Nintendo has finally revealed the official release date for their upcoming mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Of course, you could always do that before 22 November, but we don't condone the use of LSD on Alphr.

The game has already seen a soft launch in Australia. Game critics explain that it is a great opportunity for a game to be first launched on a smaller market.

Nintendo's third smartphone game follows in the tracks of Super Mario Run and Miitomo. Even if some fans might be disappointed for the delay, the timing of the release is ideal now. It will keep you company until you reach your destination for the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to a tweet by trusty secretary Isabelle (obviously the developer and not a real dog), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will release globally on 22nd November.

Pocket Camp is free-to-play, and will be available on both iOS and Android.

Prepare yourself for more My Nintendo rewards coming from this game, too, as well as the scary world of microtransactions that will let you get resources faster. Essentially, they're a short cut - if you can't be bothered to hunt around for a stack of wood to make a swing (one of the examples in Nintendo's Direct video) then Leaf Tickets are your friend. These can also be acquired through gameplay. Nintendo states that the game will be updated with content regularly, and will include "seasonal events" along with furniture and outfit items that will be available for limited periods of time. The game will install the fun while you relax on your couch or when you travel.

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