Department Of Energy Approves Presidential Permit for Northern Pass

Northern Pass Energy Project Receives Key Federal Approval

Northern Pass gets key OK from feds

News release, dated November 16, 2017, issued by Eversource Energy and Northern Pass Transmission LLC ("NPT"), announcing that the U.S. Department of Energy has issued a Record of Decision and approved the Presidential Permit for NPT's Northern Pass project.

The project will allow Northern Pass Transmission, which is a subsidiary of Eversource Energy, to build transmission facilities at the United States and Canada border in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

Chris Sununu favours the project, which would pass through his state and could provide it with power.

The government also issued Record of Decision (ROD) for the project, which was subject to multiple layers of federal and state government permitting regulations since it was proposed in 2010.

The Northern Pass is a 192-mile electric transmission line project that will bring to New England 1,090 megawatts of Canadian hydropower. Northern Pass is also expected to have a significant impact on New Hampshire's Gross Domestic Product. The Northern Pass project is expected to result in up to 3.2 million metric tons of avoided Carbon dioxide emission each year in New England.

"Smart energy infrastructure development projects like Northern Pass - which support a reliable and resilient grid, promote economic growth, lower energy costs and benefit the environment we all share - shouldn't take this long to approve", Secretary Perry said.

The Northern Pass transmission line will start at the Canadian border in Pittsburg, New Hampshire.

Construction of the project is scheduled to commence as early as April of 2018.

More than 80% of the line will be located along existing transmission corridors or buried along roadways to eliminate potential view impacts in the White Mountain National Forest area.

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