Apple Will Reportedly Help India's Telecom Regulator Build An Anti-Spam App

Apple sounds Indian retreat

Apple finally gives in: Will help develop anti-spam app in India

New in iOS 10, Apple added a third-party extension API to enable developers to create apps that can block incoming calls as they come in.

It is unlikely that Apple would allow such an app to be created as it would weaken its global privacy stance and open the floodgates for other governments to request similar access. Officials complained Apple dragged its feet on advising the government how to develop an app that would allow iPhone users to report unsolicited marketing texts or calls as spam.

Apple is giving "limited" help to India's telecom regulator to bring an anti-spam app to iOS, a Reuters report citing sources and documents says.

According to Reuters, Apple has pushed back on the regulator's requests due to privacy concerns about a government app having access to a user's call and text logs.

The chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) R.S. Sharma, who is shown in our cover graphic, said he was unhappy with Apple for not responding swiftly to the government's requests.Sharma stated that Apple is "adopting dilatory tactics".

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