EC warns BJP for using 'Pappu' word in advertisements

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Election Commission starts nomination-filing process for Gujarat elections

In a thinly veiled barb aimed at Rahul Gandhi, BJP president Amit Shah said the Congress has "outsourced" the Gujarat assembly polls by not promoting any local leader as the face of its electoral campaign. "Pappu" is the word infamously used to target Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi by his critics, including some top BJP leaders.

The Election Commission (EC) has objected to the usage of the word "Pappu" in the electronic advertisement of BJP asking the party to drop it or replace it with another word. Earlier this year, a Congress dissident was caught using the name, which loosely translates to "fool or simpleton". The video was submitted to the EC for the approval by the BJP's state media wing last month.

He then assured the tribal community that their problems and difficulties will be considered by the party and asked them to send a delegation to the manifesto committee with their concerns. If they get elected, they will have natural claim and chance of getting a ministerial berth in "next Congress government" in Gujarat", he added.Further stating that Rahul Gandhi has categorically told them not to succumb to any pressure, he added, "We have been asked to go by merits. "Since there was no direct mention or linkage with any person while mentioning "Pappu" in the entire script, we had appealed to the committee to reconsider their decision, but they rejected it", he said. "Now, we will change that word and submit a new script for approval".

Assembly elections in Gujarat will be held in two phases on December 9 and 14. Coming out in support of the decision of the state EC, Rajiv Desai, public affairs analyst was quoted as saying by Times Now, "BJP has lost the plot in Gujarat".

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