Scotland to start minimum alcohol-pricing aimed at health improvement

The UK’s highest court ruled unanimously that setting a minimum price would not breach European Union law and that it was “a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim”

Minimum alcohol pricing set to come into force in Scotland

The UK Supreme Court has today ruled that minimum unit pricing for alcohol in Scotland, which was passed overwhelmingly by the Scottish Parliament in 2012, can now proceed.

Scotland is set to become the first country in the world with a minimum price for alcohol sales after the UK's highest court rejected an appeal from Scotch whisky manufacturers.

The move is a response by the Scottish Parliament to tackle the nation's level of drinking by raising the price of cheap, super-strength alcohol.

Ministers said it would help fight Scotland's "unhealthy relationship with drink".

Supreme Court: Judges issued their ruling on Wednesday.

The Scottish Government has faced a years-long battle to introduce the legislation, which would create a minimum unit price for alcohol of at least 50p.

The SWA, backed by the European drinks industry, had argued that minimum pricing breached EU and global trade law as it interfered with free trade and open borders regulations.

"This is vital in order that the jobs and investment the industry provides in Scotland are not damaged. At home, we hope to see an objective assessment of the impact of MUP".

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