YouTube And Ticketmaster Team Up To Make Buying Concert Tickets A Breeze

Ticketmaster listings integrated into YouTube videos

YouTube to promote US concert tickets on artist videos

YouTube has announced a partnership with Ticketmaster that will see tickets for artists' United States concerts promoted within their official videos. Starting today, the Google-owned company will begin featuring hundreds of artists' upcoming US tour dates on their YouTube videos beneath the video's description. It'll list upcoming show dates, times, locations, and ticket information for hundreds of artists on tour right now. It has future plans to expand the feature worldwide. If you think you might want to attend a show, YouTube will also feature a "Tickets" button that will direct you to sites for ticket purchases. To view more or purchase, simply press "Tickets" to be directed to Ticketmaster's full website. In most cases, the artist already shares ticket price cash with the venue, the event promoter/organizer, their agent, their label, and Ticketmaster.

This new feature is only available to artists with upcoming gigs in the US, though there are plans to expand it internationally. There's no mention of expanding to other ticketing companies and not all artists use Ticketmaster.

This integration isn't exclusive to YouTube, however - Ticketmaster also works closely with Spotify, the current king of music streaming.

Music videos consistently are among the most popular content on YouTube, which boasts more than 1.5 billion monthly visitors.

YouTube, with its massive scale, has become a go-to place for artists looking to release music videos, and for fans looking to watch them.

Presumably, there's some sort of revenue sharing agreement here for the ticket sales that are initiated via YouTube, but the company didn't say.

The new experience is available on an artist's official music video on YouTube, meaning VEVO pages and artist channels. The feature appears to be live in both the YouTube mobile app and on the web-based version.

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