Woman Faints in Court While Declared Guilty of Attempted Murder

Diana Lovejoy falls back shocked senseless by the guilty verdict in the murder-for-hire case against her

Diana Lovejoy falls back shocked senseless by the guilty verdict in the murder-for-hire case against her

A California woman collapsed after hearing she had been found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder in what authorities call a botched murder-for-hire plot targeting her now-ex-husband, who was shot but survived.

The Californian couple were in a fierce custody battle for their young son in September a year ago when Lovejoy hired her gun instructor as an assassin, The San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Fox 5 footage taken from inside the courtroom showed Lovejoy looking wide-eyed at her legal team as the verdict was read out before she collapsed in her chair just seconds later. She was later taken away by ambulance as Judge Sim von Kalinowski cleared the courtroom temporarily.

The prosecution alleged in court that Lovejoy accused Mulvihill, 45, of molesting their son and abusing her sexually.

She faces between 25 years and life behind bars.

Weldon McDavid Jr., a 50-year-old Marine veteran, was convicted of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

They will be sentenced on December 12. That payment was due weeks after he was shot.

"She didn't want to share custody, and she didn't want to give $120,000 to her husband", jury forewoman Erin Reed told the Union-Tribune.

Lawyers for McDavid and Lovejoy argued during the two-week trial that there was never any plan to kill Mulvihill - despite the fact that McDavid fired several shots at him and hit him in the side with one.

The question was whether the expert gunman did it as a $2,000 hired hitman, or whether he was simply trying to shoot out the light Mulvihill was carrying in his left hand.

Jurors who deliberated two days before reaching their verdicts told the San Diego Union-Tribune they didn't believe McDavid's testimony.

"We rejected his story pretty much off the bat", said a male juror who withheld his name.

Cries could be heard as Ms Lovejoy fainted and law enforcement tried to revive her.

Lovejoy met McDavid when she started taking lessons at the shooting range where he worked, according to the McDavid's attorney. "But that didn't change any of our verdicts". He later installed a security system in her home.

Police found human feces in the bushes at the scene of the shooting that were traced to McDavid and determined the phone used to call Mulvihill regarding the materials was purchased by Lovejoy.

There was no such evidence.

When he arrived on the shady path some time after 11 p.m. on September 1, 2016, Mulvihill spotted McDavid in the bushes. McDavid said he thought Lovejoy could use that against Mulvihill in the custody battle.

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