Leonid meteor shower: Where, how and when to watch it

Leonid Meteor Shower Leo the Lion

GETTYThe Leonids radiate from the constellation Leo the Lion

Be sure to venture outside this weekend, as the skies will light up with shooting stars due to the Lenoid Meteor Shower.

If you don't mind staying outside in chilly weather this weekend, you're in for quite the celestial spectacle - the Leonid meteor shower. "Meteors might be visible a few days before and after the peak". It is possible to see the Lenoid showers with the naked eye, so you won't need any special equipment.

"Go outside, find a dark sky, lie flat on your back and look straight up, and be prepared to spend a couple of hours outside", NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told Space.com.

"This year, however, visibility will be excellent because the new moon will take place on November 18, providing a ideal view of the meteors, which will not be washed out by any lunar light", the space website wrote.

According to AccuWeather, that's good news for stargazers in the coastal Southeast, the northern Plains, the Four Corners area and California, where clear skies will make for great viewing conditions.

The Dubai Astronomy Group has organized an event open for public to observe the breath-taking celestial phenomenon from Friday evening until early morning on Saturday. The comet orbits the sun every 33 years, leaving a trail of debris which we pick up as we pass by and then falls to our planet's surface.

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