Seven brands of hoverboards recalled due to fire, explosion hazards



Hoverboards are once again the target for recalls, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued recalls on seven models on Tuesday for potential fire hazard.

The CPSC released a statement recently, saying that a second house fire has resulted from a hoverboard that caught on fire. The agency has been issuing them since July of previous year and is aware of more than 250 hoverboard incidents related to overheating and fires since 2015.

So far there have been four reports fires but no injuries have been reported. The most recent incident happened on October 23. The CPSC first issued a warning about the brand this past May, that warning itself following a house fire on March 10 in Pennsylvania.

The CPSC says this brand of boards were manufactured in China and that there are at least 3,000 of them located in the United States.

Anyone who has one of these boards is encouraged to take the hoverboard to a recycling center where the li-ion battery can be properly removed and disposed of.

The brands included in the recall are: Smart Balance Wheel by Salvage World, Drone Nerds, Go Wheels by Four Star Imports, iHoverspeed by Simplified Wireless, iLive by Digital Products, Tech Drift, and Sonic Smart Wheels by Dollar Mania.

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