Starcraft 2 Is now free to play!

You can now grab Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty for free

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty is free starting from today

Starting today, players around the world get free access to the full Wings of Liberty campaign and the elite multiplayer competition of StarCraft II's ranked ladder, including all the latest units and balance updates through the latest release in the series, Legacy of the Void.

If you're wondering if there are strings attached to the announcement, it appears there are not.

The original Wings of Liberty campaign. It is the first episode in the SC2 trilogy. If you already own Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty (the base game) but haven't bought Heart of the Swarm, you'll be able to claim this for free by logging into between now and December 8. It's zerg-focused and is the second episode. All you have to do to unlock it permanently is earn 10 First Wins of the Day in Unranked or Versus A.I. play-our way to preserve the quality and integrity of the ranked experience.

Starcraft II is available for both Windows and Mac, but before you can get it, you'll need a Blizzard account.

Current and upcoming Co-op Commanders are available to play for free up to level five, and the level restriction for weekly mutations has been removed. You can also purchase any of the campaigns or a seasonal War Chest to gain immediate access to ranked play if you desire. You can play with friends in "these extra challenging missions". The Co-op Commanders Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis will remain completely free, meaning that you can keep leveling them to your heart's content.

StarCraft 2's expansions, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will continue to be sold as an additional purchase, as will the Nova Covert Ops. Blizzard is also offering a bundle featuring all of the campaign expansions for $40.

A new onboarding experience will also help new players find the game modes that make the most sense for them, whether you're looking for a co-op experience or want to jump straight into the PVP ranked ladder. Those who purchased any of the three before October 31 will receive an exclusive Ghost skin (above) and three new portraits as a free bonus.

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