Rhode Island State Police Identify Troopers Involved in Deadly I-95 Shooting

Man charged with stealing state police cruiser

Police: Man Shot, Killed By Officers Knew Suspect In Cruiser Theft

It happened less than two hours before a deadly shooting involving officers on Interstate 95 in Rhode Island.

The troopers involved in the shooting were Detective Lieutenant Cynthia Trahan, Corporal Scott Carlsten, Detective Corporal Herbert Tilson and Trooper Garrett Hassett.

Christine Demers was in the passenger seat of the white pickup that fled police and began ramming cars in what investigators say was an attempt to escape capture.

Rhode Island State Police had refused to identify the officers for days.

Providence Police confirmed Tuesday that the man who was shot and killed after a pursuit last Thursday was in fact acquainted with another man who they say stole a police cruiser while in custody earlier that day.

The Rhode Island chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union on Monday pushed the agency to name the troopers and said its decision not to showed "a glaring and troubling lack of transparency".

On Tuesday, Providence Police released radio traffic from their officers during the pursuit and shooting.

Police initially said the cruiser theft and the shooting were related, but said Santos was not a suspect in the theft of the cruiser.

The superintendent was not part of the chase or at the scene of a recovered stolen state police cruiser that also figured in Thursday's events, Kirk said, adding the colonel was heading to a meeting in Providence "and responded to the shooting scene when she heard the calls".

The trooper whose cruiser was stolen is identified as Michael Doherty, who described himself in a court affidavit as a 13-year veteran trooper.

All four have been placed on administrative leave as per State Police policy-and Colonel Ann C. Assumpico, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police and Director of the Department of Public Safety, said she has ordered partitions to be installed in all cruisers to help prevent incidents like the one with Morgan.

Police searching for Morgan that morning received a tip that he may have jumped into the back of a white pickup.

"The two knew each other but beyond that I am not sure what their exact relationship was", a Providence Police spokesperson told WBZ-TV. "We are not going to elaborate beyond that at this time", she said.

Morgan was finally arrested Friday night in Cumberland, Rhode Island, near the MA state line-and is facing charges in court today.

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