DNR: Deer harvest up 25 percent in Northeastern Minnesota

Bill Pilmore Springfield MO                                             

Bill Pilmore Springfield MO Bil

Of those registered, 54 percent were bucks.

DNR officials say preliminary results through last weekend show the deer harvest is up 10 percent from previous year.

Top harvest counties this year were Howell with 2,095 deer checked, Franklin with 2,060 and Texas with 1,855.

Part of the increase in the deer harvest so far is an increase in the number of antlerless deer taken. It was up six percent in Zone 2, which runs from Canada to Iowa and covers most of the state, and it was down 12 percent in southeastern Minnesota. Additional deer will be harvested during the northern rifle zone season, which continues through Sunday, Nov. 19; the late southeast season, which opens Saturday, Nov. 18 and continues through Sunday, Nov. 26; and the muzzleloader season, which begins Saturday, Nov. 25 and continues through Sunday, Dec. 10.

Checking in deer helps DNR with information like what hunters are harvesting and also the overall health of the deer, especially when it comes to Chronic Wasting disease.

More than 145,000 deer have been registered through the second weekend of the firearm hunting season, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

"The ratio of bucks to does has changed", said Craig Engwall, executive director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association. The 2016 total harvest was 173,213.

The firearms deer season runs through next Tuesday, November 21. The season in Northeastern Minnesota continues through Sunday. Minnesota's muzzleloader season begins Saturday and continues through December 10.

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