Proof of Aliens on Mars? UFO HQ 'found' on Red Planet

     HOME OF ALIENS? He also pointed out a

SECURETEAM10 HOME OF ALIENS? He also pointed out a"dome

A odd triangular-shaped object has been found buried on the surface of the Red Planet and some believe it is a sign of a crashed UFO.

The video has been uploaded by conspiracy theorist channel SecureTeam10 on YouTube.

Talking about the UFOs that are found in the Videos, the Narrator of the video said, "There is no doubt that there is something of an nearly ideal triangular-shaped nature, albeit a little dented up and a little warped, but it doesn't look like it belongs there". He explained that the "crashed UFO" is in close proximity to the "alien base" as they found out yet another object in the same general area that again looked out of place. "We have found these domes on multiple planets and moons". The narrator also added that the domes near the UFO are meant to cover existing bases, so that a breathable atmosphere will be formed there. "Could that be what we're seeing here?" The image of the flying triangular object found above the USA navy base was uploaded by a person named Keith Bradshaw. "A camouflage among this crater field, or is this some sort of ancient relic?" the narrator asked.

Remarkable pictures of what appears to be an alien spacecraft hovering over the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in California have the UFO community mesmerized.

The UFO hunter who spent 10 minutes watching the flying saucer said that the triangular object would wobble along close to the ground, very unstable and then it would freeze in position go up to certain height and sit there for a few minutes perfectly still. It made no noise that I could hear.

According to him, no one was sitting inside it or riding it but doubted that the helicopter was somehow remotely controlling. He also said that he spotted the silver UFO while military vehicles were parked nearby and that there was even a military helicopter flying around at the time.

"It looked like whoever was controlling it was having fun with it, sometimes because they would do little tricks with it".

Mantle has described them as "the most controversial UFO photos on record" and adds experts are unable to agree if the photographs are real.

And Jason Gleaves, an ex-RAF and BAE Airbus division employee based in the United Kingdom, said he believes they could be real.

People have been searching for alien life for years, hunting for aliens and UFOs every time something odd was spotted in the skies.

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