GameStop Pauses Its Unlimited Used Games Service

GameStop halts its unlimited used game rental program

Report: GameStop halts used-games subscription service

The program was originally scheduled to fully launch in the coming weeks, with sign-ups to begin on November 19. For $60, you'd be able to treat GameStop as a library, taking out one pre-owned game at a time, and after six months, you'd get to keep one.

Kotaku reports that GameStop has told its employees to pull down all promotional material related to the PowerPass subscription program.

Since then, GameStop itself has confirmed the delay, saying that it has made a decision to "temporarily pause" the PowerPass service due to "a few program limitations we have identified".

The spokesperson continues on to state that guests who subscribed to the service can receive a full refund and pick out any pre-owned game for free.

GameStop hasn't said when it will revive the program. Were you looking forward to the GameStop rental program?

Today, GameStop is temporarily putting the brakes on the service, citing "program limitations" that don't allow them to serve their customers in the way that they feel is best. The gradual and consistent trend away from physical games and toward digital ones have hit the retailer hard. The chain is undeniably feeling the pain that has marked the retail industry more broadly in the age of digital commerce.

However, that is all in the past tense, because after a recent soft launch PowerPass has been suspended. Employee speculation centers around GameStop's antiquated point-of-sale system, and specifically that it isn't equipped to handle the mechanics of a game rental service.

It remains unclear exactly why the PowerPass program is being halted so close to its launch, especially since it was obviously a major part of GameStop's holiday season plans. It's smart to see how things hold up with a program that will likely draw in a massive amount of customers.

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