Photo of Walmart cashier helping nervous man count change goes viral

Photo Of Cashier Helping Old Man Count Coins Goes Viral (Photo)

Walmart cashier helps struggling man, says 'we've forgotten how to love one another'

After the transaction was complete, Bowlin said she turned to the cashier and said,"Thank you for being so patient with him". As she was standing in line at the check-out, she noticed the older man in front of her struggling to pay.

Bowlin posted a photo of the encounter on Facebook where it has over 20,000 shares and more than 30,000 likes. The man nervously apologized to the cashier and Bowlin, but the cashier assured the man it was okay.

The cashier took the man's money and began helping him. "He looks apologetically back at me and starts taking handfuls of change out of his pockets". Bowlin said the men then started to miscount and quickly became flustered. But Bowlin said the cashier wasn't fazed.

"You shouldn't have to thank me, baby. What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another, '" the post reads.

The cashier's patience and understanding were captured by Spring Bowlin, a MS woman in Walmart during her lunch break. Gives me a muttered, "I'm so sorry".

What's more heartwarming is what the cashier tells Ms Bowlin once the man leaves. The people that live day to day because of financial troubles. "Blessings to everyone involved", wrote one commenter on WHBQ's Facebook page.

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