OH man will be allowed to use special pillow during execution

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien calls Campbell'the poster child for the death penalty for his killing of Dials whose gravestone

Death row inmate to get pillow to help him breathe during execution

The board's 11-1 decision came in the case of Campbell, set to die by lethal injection on November 15 for killing a teen during a 1997 carjacking.

Campbell has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop his execution, saying he's too ill to execute.

An Ohio inmate will receive a wedge-shaped pillow to help him breathe during his execution this week, the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction announced.

OH is starting final preparations for executing a sick inmate who will be provided a wedge-shaped pillow to help him breathe as he's put to death this week.

Dr James McWeeney noted that there were no objective findings, such as increased pulse rate or breathing, to verify Campbell's anxiety, WCPO reported.

The 69-year-old inmate has severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder due to his heavy smoking habit.

Campbell has also requested to be executed by firing squad, citing that a prison nurse was unable to find a suitable vein for an IV.

Nevertheless, he recommended allowing Campbell to lie "in a semi-recumbent position" during the execution. The state denied Campbell's clemency request. A federal judge ruled out that as an option for Campbell.

Prisons spokeswoman JoEllen Smith says death row inmate Alva Campbell arrived at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility at 9:59 a.m. Tuesday.

Prosecutors say his health claims are ironic given he faked paralysis to escape court custody the day he killed a teenager during a carjacking. The ill inmate was paroled in 1992 after serving 20 years for killing a man in a Cleveland bar.

On April 2, 1997, Campbell was in a wheelchair when he overpowered a Franklin County sheriff's deputy on the way to a court hearing on several armed robbery charges, records show.

Campbell took the deputy's gun, carjacked 18-year-old Charles Dials and drove around with him for several hours before shooting him twice in the head as Dials crouched in the footwell of his own truck, according to court records.

Campbell's last meal, called a special meal in OH, includes pork chops, greens, sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and macaroni and cheese.

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