Suspect shot & killed during struggle with a Baton Rouge Police officer

A man was fatally shot by a Baton Rouge Police Department officer during a struggle on Monday Nov. 13 2017 Louisiana State Police said

Man shot dead by Baton Rouge police officer: State Police

One man is dead after being shot by a Baton Rouge Police officer at the Palms Apartments on McClelland Drive Monday evening. The Associated Press reported that dozens of people, many shouting angrily at officers, gathered at the scene of the fatal police shooting.

According to Louisiana State Police, the shooting happened just after 6:00 a Baton Rouge Police Officer was assisting a Department of Children and Family services case worker with an investigation.

Neither the man nor the officer have been identified, officials said. A Missouri man ambushed and killed three law officers and wounded three others in the Louisiana city in the weeks following Sterling's death.

The identities of the shooting victim and officer are not being released at this time, but Lee told reporters the officer sustained a minor injury and was wearing a body camera at the time of the shooting.

It is standard procedure to have Louisiana State Police investigate a shooting involving a police officer.

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District Attorney Hillar Moore said at the scene that investigators have already reviewed the body camera footage from the officer. They also worked to dispel a rumor that quickly spread on social media following the shooting.

"As you see, the crowd is very anxious - emotions are running very high".

"We really are early on in this investigation, state police are here doing the job they always do", Moore said.

Broome also wanted to assure the public that she will be monitoring the investigation and that she will call for transparency throughout the process. Video was not released Monday.

"Per protocol, the Louisiana State Police (LSP) is investigating this case. I ask that the community withhold judgment on this incident until the LSP concludes its work".

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