Deadwood Movie Eyes Fall 2018 Production Date

Deadwood: the long-awaited movie to film next year

Deadwood Movie Eyes Fall 2018 Production Date

Cancelled in 2006 without closure, and when grown up TV shows fell foul to small ratings and escalating budgets, Deadwood has been the subject of a movie revival for years.

"Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that HBO is eyeing a Fall 2018 production start for the expletive-drenched drama's long-in-the-works revival movie". However, the site also notes that the project is yet to receive an official green light and that HBO has not formally commented on it.

HBO's top programming exec Casey Bloys confirmed with TV Line that the film continuation is now aiming to start filming in fall 2018.

The project has been in the words for a long time, with the most recent news coming in July when HBO Programming president Casey Bloys said at the network's summer press tour that the project was coming together.

The three seasons of Deadwood ran from 2004 to 2006. "David [Milch] totally delivered on that". The show is set in a mining town that was not part of any US state or territory in the post-Civil War years, and thus was literally lawless. Ian McShane stars in Starz's American Gods, a spring series with a lengthy post-production process, which could give the actor a free window if Season 3 becomes a reality.

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