8% of Australians are watching Netflix in a public toilet

New Netflix Data Reveals Public Binge Watching Habits

8% of Australians are watching Netflix in a public toilet: New data reveals where we're watching

New data on national streaming habits has revealed Australians will stop at nothing to get their TV fix, even taking their binge-watching habits into public toilets and cutting back on groceries to cover subscription fees.

The numbers come from a Netflix survey which has revealed a staggering 59 percent of Australian's are watching on the go.

Our bog binging actually puts us ahead of the global average which is at seven percent, so Aussies are really making their use of our time in the loo.

The survey, released by online streaming platform Netflix on Tuesday, shows how the majority of Indians are binge watching in public - with 71 per cent more people doing so this year than the last, read a statement.

The survey reported 45 percent of Aussies have caught someone spying on their screen which may be seen as simple nosiness, but a further 11 percent admitted to having a show or movie being spoiled to them by checking out someone else's screen.

Binge watching in public is the new trend in India, and Indians are the second-highest public bingers in the world, just behind Mexico, according to a survey.

These addictive behaviours extend beyond the bathroom, with 34 per cent of Australians using Netflix on their daily commute, and 32 per cent tuning in while at a café or restaurant.

Netflix have also coined the term "show shame" which often comes up when a stranger spies what you're watching, the study claimed one in five Aussies who were watching Netflix in public felt ashamed of what they were caught watching.

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