'Wonder Woman' fans angry over 'skimpy' Amazonian costumes in 'Justice League'

Robin Wright shows off her pipes while wearing practical gear in

Robin Wright shows off her pipes while wearing practical gear in"Wonder Woman

But the extensive armour worn by the characters in the film is entirely different to the skimpy and revealing outfits that are shown in Zac Snyder's first outing of the Justice League - prompting allegations of sexism and the difference "between the male and female gaze".

Justice League is receiving mostly positive praise on social media ahead of its theatrical release this Friday. But in new photos from the set of Justice League, their garb is substantially... less than there was before. In Wonder Woman, the fierce soldiers rock costumes designed by Lindy Hemming that cover their shoulders and torsos, which makes sense since they're constantly dodging deadly spears and swords.

"Some steps backwards, methinks", Timonen wrote.

There were a few factors that led to this wonderful portrayal of women, including the fact that it was directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins), and had a woman in charge of the costumes (Lindy Hemming).

In Wonder Woman, the warriors wore armour plates that completely covered their stomachs (safety first, right?).

Fans are admiring the work of Ezra Miller (Flash) in particular and Gal Gadot who plays the Wonder Woman in Justice League.

When Wonder Woman hit cinemas in May this year, viewers were introduced to the backstory of Diana Prince (Gadot), who is raised as a fearsome warrior on the all-female island of Themyscira. It was also noted in the tweet that a man took over the costume design for Justice League. And the Amazons are clearly wearing normal armor IN THE JL TRAILER.

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