See David Letterman, Kim Kardashian Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel

Kim Kardashian Reads Kanye West's Tweet During Jimmy Kimmel-Themed Mean Tweets for Host's Birthday

Kim Kardashian Reads Kanye's Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Celebrities such as Amy Schumer, Larry David and Halle Berry celebrated Jimmy Kimmel's 50th birthday by reading mean tweets about him on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday.

A raging Twitter spat between the pair soon followed, which resulted in Kanye later deleting his tweets.

Jimmy Kimmel is a comedy god. "Is Jimmy Kimmel crosseyed or just ridiculously ugly?" "Turns out it was just a sloppy dude with dimples", Michael Keaton said. Howard Stern said as he rolled his eyes.

Kimmel and West had engaged in a Twitter fight after the late-night host mocked a rambling interview West gave to the BBC.

The bit, a variation on Kimmel's popular Mean Tweets segment where celebrities read the awful things Twitter users post about them online, also including a guest appearance from Kim Kardashian West, who read a tweet written by her husband, Kanye West. "Jimmy Kimmel put yourself in my shoes. oh no that means who would have gotten too much good pussy in your life".

Though West's Twitter account is now deactivated, you can read reports about the 2013 Twitter feud between West and Kimmel. (West's tweets, including that one from 2013, have since been deleted.) The reality star added her own response: "Fair point, Kanye".

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