Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company

The new customization items are a direct tie-in with Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon and the tropical region called Alola.

In an interesting little twist, Pokemon GO is introducing several different avatar items that tie in with other Pokemon games. Well, according to the Pokemon GO website, you are now able to dress your avatar that evokes the Alola region from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

New avatar items have arrived to Pokemon GO.

While it's great that Pokemon Go is tossing in some references for fans of the current Pokemon games, players shouldn't anticipate any secret additions of Alolan Pokemon. You can see both the outfits just below, for the female and male trainers respectively, both of which are made to resemble the player character's outfit from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

The new outfits are Pokemon Go's second reference to the new Pokemon games in recent months. Don't worry though, they're completely free as part of the campaign to promote the upcoming release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon on November 17, so you can pick them up free of charge, whenever you want.

These objects of desire are free of cost and they include: a sun hat, sandals and knickers not to mention many other things. It might take some time for Niantic to get to Gen 7 Pokemon of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, especially since Niantic's only been adding two new sets of Pokemon every year. Could we see this as a more common practice within Pokemon GO in the future?

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