Google Doodle marks 131st anniversary of the hole puncher

Image Google Doodle

Image Google Doodle

On 14 November, 1886, Friedrich Soennecken filed a patent for the hole puncher. But Google seems to have credited Soennecken with the invention. But the predictions and all flew up in air and Google doodle made even an interesting and surprising update on Today morning.Well, that sounds like 131st Hole Punch celebration in the Eye of Google Doodle rather making a Doodle gif of Children's day. Besides the hole puncher, he has invented a binder and a special nib for ink pens suitable for calligraphy. It utilizes a lever and spring framework to enable the client to fix up and punch gaps with barrel-shaped edges through stacked sheets of paper easily.

History tells us we have Friedrich Soennecken, a German entrepreneur and inventor, to thank for this officious yet sometimes physically demanding office tool.

"The satisfying, tiresome "click!" of the blade as it punches through the sheets". Google had been holding the Google 4 Doodle competition every year since 2010, till the hole punch doodle this year. The speciality of this invention is that its basic design has not changed in over 129 years.

While not quite as indispensable as the stapler, the hole puncher has been a staple of business offices for more than a century.

Google has replaced its logo with an animation commemorating the 131st anniversary of the punching machine, also known as the hole punch or hole puncher. The hole puncher doodle reaches countries across Europe, North America, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and India.

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