Facebook brings support for collaborative Stories to Events & Groups

A Major Snapchat Overhaul- Why It’s Necessary

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Connor Hayes-Product Manager-Facebook, while talking to the representatives of TechCrunch informed that the stories are being consolidated to make it much simpler for people to share stories across various applications.

Facebook described the change in a recent post under its Messenger account, saying that Messenger Day and Facebook Stories will be merged via a new "experience" it simply calls Stories.

By combining the features, Facebook is likely hoping to entice more people to use the ephemeral offering.

Facebook is also working on shutting off its Facebook Direct feature for the personal brief texting. Because the company now has a Stories feature - another Snapchat feature clone - and it wants users to gravitate to it. Messenger Day was essentially the same thing, but contained to the Messenger app itself. You can make your post public, visible to both Facebook and Messenger friends or visible to Facebook friends only. As per him some individuals already were of the belief that the stories are connected, and we thought it would make sense. This means presently there will not be a disappearing messaging feature on Facebook, as Facebook Direct used to delete videos and photos after they were viewed and are no more in active conversations.

Last year, Facebook introduced a Snapchat-like Stories feature to its Instagram app. The new feature allows members to contribute Stories that can only be viewed by the members of the group or event, a flawless feature for private functions such as parties, and weddings.

"Anyone who is a part of a Facebook group will be able to come together with multiple creators on one Story to tell the Story of what's going on with the group on a daily basis", Hayes told me. People will see stories on their Event and Group pages, as well as atop their News Feed. The company recently took steps to address that by adding the ability to cross-post Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories.

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