Karnataka High Court rejects plea to stay Tipu Sultan Jayanti celebrations



Hundreds of workers gathered at the Town Hall today to protest the state government's decision to go ahead with Tipu Jayanti celebrations across the state on Friday.

The petition stated, "Tipu Sultan's reign resulted in the conversion and killing of thousands of Kodava as a retaliation to his defeat and there was large-scale communal violence when Tipu Jayanti was celebrated in 2015". Tipu was killed in May 1799, while defending his fort of Srirangapatna against the British forces.

The Karnataka government has been facing stiff opposition ever since they announced that Tipu Jayanti would be celebrated on November 10 every year. "This technology was later adopted by the Europeans", Kovind said while noting that Karnataka is a land of formidable soldiers.

The government's decision to celebrate the day on November 10 past year had drawn much criticism from the BJP and the RSS, who termed this act of the Congress as "minority appeasement".

A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker from the state Prahlad Joshi has alleged that Tipu Sultan was "anti-Hindu, anti-Kannada and exploited India".

Minister of State for Skill Development Anantkumar Hegde has also asked the Karnataka government to not invite him to "shameful" event glorifying "brutal killer" Tipu Sultan on Tipu Jayanti. The Congress government maintains that Tipu's achievements and contribution to the state have been unique and that there is a need to hail the contribution of a man, who put Karnataka, which was called the state of Mysore, on the world map.

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