Motor Vehicles Department suspends driver's licence for blocking ambulance

Why did he block speeding ambulance's path? Car driver gives weird explanation

SUV driver shocks, refuses to give way to ambulance! You won't believe what happened next!

Kochi: The driver of the vehicle who was nabbed after he refused to give way to an ambulance that was carrying a new born baby to hospital, has come up with a freaky explanation. Aluva circle inspector Vishal said the police registered the case against the driver under Section 279 of IPC (rash driving).

Jose had been blocking the ambulance for almost four kilometers while driving through the city.

Jose is accused of driving his SUV ( KL 17 L 202) in front of an ambulance that was bringing a new-born baby who was suffering from breathing problems.

"When it reached near Rajagiri Hospital at Chunangamvely, a auto came in front of us blocking our way". The video he posted showed the mini-SUV owned by Nirmal managing to overtake the ambulance near GTN Junction along the Perumbavoor-Aluva Road and refusing to give way for nearly 15 minutes. But, a Man in Kerala didn't give the way instead irritated the driver despite continuous honking and emergency siren.

Summary: They will have to take the statement of the ambulance driver and the family of the infant who was inside the ambulance as part of the inquiry.

However, when caught by the police, Jose gave a unusual explanation that he was providing pilot service for the ambulance.

The ambulance driver finally got around the vehicle after taking a deviation from the Cochin Bank junction. "From the junction, we took a left turn, while he went straight", said Madhu P B, the ambulance driver. The parents said because of the hindrance created by the vehicle, the ambulance got delayed by about 15 minutes in reaching the hospital. He told police that he was only trying to make way for the ambulance and making sure that no other vehicles obstructed its movement. "Still, we managed to drop the baby and the mother at the medical college, before its condition further deteriorated", he said.

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