In the skies over Dubai Russian rocket confused with UFOs

Dubai meteor shower lit up the sky last night

Video: Meteorite passes through Dubai night sky

Is it a bird?

Initially, many residents had posted pictures and videos of the meteor shower on social media, some even calling it a "flame in the sky". The spacecraft delivered to the global space station parcels for crew members and equipment.

A meteor was spotted in the skies of Dubai on Monday evening, the Dubai Media Office revealed on its official Twitter handle.

The GCAA said that the passing of the meteor was a natural and regular phenomenon at this time of the year, as meteor showers become active during this period, which would then peak by 20th October. General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) added that a meteor had entered the earth's atmosphere and the blazing trail was the meteor splitting up as it burned.

The meteor is suspected to be a crashing Russian space rocket called The Progress.

The UAE's news website quoted the Dubai Astronomy Group as saying that the mysterious object was debris from Russia's Progress cargo spaceship "disintegrating in the atmosphere".

Wouldn't it have been insane if it was actually a UFO and not a meteor shower?

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