How good is being a woman in Kelowna?

Victoria, the best city in canada for a woman

Are you Canadian woman? You might be better off in Victoria than Montreal

According to the publication by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Regina has ranked 21 out of 25 cities on a list comparing the best places to be a woman in Canada.

The study looks at the differences between men's and women's access to education, health, positions of leadership and security.

It captures inequalities that can be attributed, at least in part, to discrimination based on gender. The report highlights Her Windsor, a new documentary made by women in the area, talking about their challenges but also their strength in being a close-knit, small city.

Launched on June 1, 2016, Daily Hive is the evolution of Vancity Buzz and is now in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.

But it says the wage gap in the city is on par with the rest of the country, with women earning 73 per cent of what men do - slightly worse than five years ago. Toronto is moving in the right direction. They are also more likely to access medical services in a timely fashion, with 71 per cent of women reporting they had a Pap smear in the last three years.

The CCPA's study, published Tuesday, looked at the nation's 25 largest communities and assessed how much women are paid compared to men, how employed they are compared to men, how many women are in leadership roles (both in politics and in the workplace), how healthy they are and how safe they feel (the report even drew data from The Globe and Mail's Unfounded series on sexual assaults).

For the third year in a row Victoria, BC takes the top spot.

"Statistics will never be a substitute for the full experience of lives lived. But as signposts they mark the spot where more attention is needed from our political leaders and policy-makers", says study author Kate McInturff, a senior researcher at CCPA. "We hope they follow through".

It also says sexual assault is the only violent crime not on the decline in Canada, and every city still struggles with high rates of sexual and domestic violence. But the study says only 23 per cent of elected officials and 34 per cent of senior managers in the region are women, and women are more likely to be living below the poverty line than men.

Toronto is only second to Ottawa when it comes to having one of the most highly educated populations, with a total of 28 per cent of women and men holding university degrees.

Almost 40 per cent of women hold management positions in Regina, while 32 per cent of women have management jobs in Saskatoon. Life expectancy is 85 years for women, 80 years for men in the city.

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