Famous Greek Monastery Bans Foreign Weddings Due to One Raunchy Photo

Matthew Lunn and Carly Lunn's oral sex wedding

FACEBOOK CARLYLUNN • GETTY STOCK IMAGE VIRAL Matthew and Carly Lunn snapped up an unusual wedding

Those looking to get married at an idyllic Greek monastery will be heading somewhere else.

A Bishop on the picturesque Greek island of Rhodes has banned foreign couples from getting married in the island's chapel St Pauls after the lewd antics of a British couple.

It was the wedding picture that wrecked a thousand marriages.

While the sex act was merely a simulated one, the result of the image could possibly lead to hundreds of other couples having their wedding plans canceled.

The Birmingham pair said they posed for the cheeky snap to show their unique sense of humour when they married last month on Rhodes.

Pictured, Saint Paul's chapel, Lindos, Rhodes, Greece where Birmingham, UK couple, Matthew Lunn and Carly Lunn were marriedRhodes, Greek officials: What makes Matthew and Carly Lunn think they can debase us like this?

Their loved ones thought the picture was "brilliant" and "legendary", according to the Times of London, which reported that locals were thinking about suing the newlyweds.

Standing in unison with the Bishop's decision to ban is Giorgos Eleftheriou, president of the local Lindos community in Rhodes.

Metropolitan Kyrillos of Rhodes gave his decree for the monastery of St. Paul on Thursday, according to local media, saying that he can not allow "desecration" of the sacred site despite profit from hosting nuptials.

"I have hundreds of soon-to-be brides from Britain and all over the world calling me today in tears because of this decision", Eleftheriou tells The Times.

"We they have done the same in their homeland; in front of a British chapel, a Jewish temple, a Muslim mosque? They would have been beheaded by Muslims!"

Following their wedding on September 25, Carly Lunn said her and Matthew had always planned to do the photo.

"We expected a lot of laughs and jokes from people, but didn't expect it to be as popular as it was".

Asked if she now had any regrets over the image, Carly responded, 'Not at all, it's a bit of fun'. "People back in England were commenting on it, the whole thing went mad". The couple can now expect to lose out around £40,000 on already spent expenditures.

Told Sparkles via the dailymail who first booked her upcoming wedding no less than two years ago, 'I'm absolutely devastated that these idiots have spoilt my dream wedding. We have 52 guests coming from the United Kingdom for it and have booked to stay for a week'.

'We have spent around £40,000 on this wedding. The couple has not made it clear if they are willing to issue an apology or not.

Near the harbour, the bride kneeled in front of her new husband and appeared to perform a sex act on him in her wedding dress, while he had his pants and boxers down to his ankles - punching the air.

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