Cavs' Isaiah Thomas reveals his true feelings about Celtics' Danny Ainge

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Danny Ainge has said that his conversation with Isaiah Thomas the night he traded him to Cleveland in August was one of the most hard calls he's ever had to make.

The Boston Celtics may have broken up with Isaiah Thomas this summer, but according to GM Danny Ainge, the All-Star point guard will forever be part of the franchise's history.

The hurt Thomas is feeling is obvious. That's not right. I'm not saying '(expletive) you.' But every team in this situation comes out a year or two later and says, 'We made a mistake'. That takes two people, and obviously he said some things today and has some strong feelings and strong emotions and I understand those. He played through a hip injury that will limit him during a contract year that will determine whether he gets a lucrative max contract.

Isaiah, who helped the Celtics recruit free agent forward Gordon Hayward before he was traded, still thinks about what might have been had he been able to stay in Boston.

Beyond the injury, Thomas also dealt with the death of his sister the day before the playoffs began.

He said: "Boston is going to be good".

Unfortunately for Thomas, he won't be on the court when the Cavs open up the regular season against the Boston Celtics next Tuesday, October 17th.

Thomas also told Jenkins of a text he received from Brad Stevens after the trade, with the Celtics coach saying, "I've been looking at this wall for five hours trying to figure out what to say to you". Outside of him, though, it appears Thomas is ready to move on. He said he would but he couldn't say if Thomas felt the same way. He believes they are talented, but they are missing a key ingredient last year's team had.

There's no denying that dealing Thomas, Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder in one offseason gives up a lot of heart and soul, but the current Celtics roster still has Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris, as well as a lot of chemistry in the early going. The teams will play twice in Boston, first on January 3 and then again on February 11, and Thomas is expected to be back for both of those games.

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