First female nipple to be broadcast in TV advert for breast cancer

CoppaFeel! Debuts The First Female Nipple On Daytime Television

CoppaFeel to screen first full-frontal boobs on daytime TV in #TrustYourTouch campaign

A female nipple is due to appear in an advertisement for the first time on United Kingdom daytime television to highlight breast cancer.

The ad by creative agency Fold7 shows a series of everyday things being touched, alongside men and women doing breast examinations.

"CoppaFeel! exists to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer, because if found early it is very treatable and survival rates are significantly higher", said Natalie Kelly, CEO of CoppaFeel!.

Natalie Kelly, CEO of CoppaFeel!, said: "In demonstrating the power of our hands and celebrating our touch as the best tool for checking, we hope to encourage more young people across the United Kingdom to adopt a healthy boob-checking habit, which could one day save their life".

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In fact, 80% of women do not check their breasts regularly with 60% saying they weren't confident in how to properly check for lumps.

The campaign particularly aims to change the behaviour of young women, who are now more likely to go to the dentist, weigh themselves or get their eyes tested than they are to check their boobs for signs of cancer.

United Kingdom breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! has won the right to show a woman's nipple as part of its Breast Cancer Awareness campaign that encourages women (and men) to perform self breast examinations.

The ad will be aired on daytime TV from October 16 and will also be shown in cinemas and on posters. Instagram has previously come under fire for banning nipples on Instagram, the global Free The Nipple movement was created to give women autonomy over their own bodies and even the Dublin Well Woman Centre was blocked on Facebook past year for posting cartoon imagery of women performing self-examinations on their breasts. If daytime television's first female nipple is in aid of empowering women and educating them about their bodies, then it's a step forward that deserves celebrating.

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